Find Your Calling at National Life

Producing this recruiting video pushed me out of my comfort zone and challenged me to drive National Life's video language forward.

Dividing / Lines

New City Galerie provides an outlet for emerging artists in the heart of Burlington, Vermont.

Corrine Yonce - Artist-in-Residence at New City Galerie

I was really fortunate to be able to meet Corrine and help tell her story for New City Galerie.

Serve Others

An agent story produced for National Life.

There's Happiness to be Had

A customer story produced for National Life Group.

Wild Vision

A portrait of renowned landscape photographer Carl Heilman II and the Adirondack wilderness he's spent 40 years trying to capture.

How Index Crediting Works

An explainer video about one of the core concepts behind Indexed Universal Life Insurance.

A Larger Purpose

A customer story produced for National Life Group

Casey Dubie "Motion Sick"

A dreamy music video for a phenomenal Vermont singer-songwriter.

Jackie Robinson's Montreal Connection

A look at how Montreal inspired and empowered Robinson, and how his legacy still endures in the city today. Produced by Bill McColgan.

Eat Well - Shady Grove Farm

Cornell Cooperative Extension series about the benefits of eating local. Produced by Tomeka Weatherspoon.

On Home Ground (Selections)

Several clips from a documentary that takes an intimate look into the lives of three veterans who have returned to their Adirondack homes. Directed by Tomeka Weatherspoon.

The Last Bison "Switzerland"

A narrative music video for breakout indie band The Last Bison. Shot entirely at night in the rural Virginia countryside/forest. Directed by Daniel Jeter & Joe Baughman.

Moses David "Clear the Floor"

A high energy hip hop music video incorporating a giant disco ball, some hot dance moves, and fire department-provided rain. Directed by Andrew Didway.

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